League of Angels 2: The Free Online Excitement

If you are looking for a relatively inexpensive game without having to deal with the poor graphic or the bad story, you can always play League of Angels 2. The game is completely free and it has a top notch graphic quality where your characters can play in the amazing fantasy universe. It is a browser based game but with the quality of the client-based one so you can really have fun playing the game without spending a dime. As long as you have the internet connection, you are good to go!


League of Angels 2: About the Game

Judging from the number 2 after the title, you can see that this is the continuation of the first release. It is a mobile and browser based MMORPG game so you need to have a strong online connection. The League of Angels 2 was released in 2016. The League of Angels alone (often shortened as LoA) was first released in 2013 by Youzu Interactive. Although you don’t have to pay anything for the game, you can always buy the additional resources, attempts, or equipment and gear in the game. The servers are plentiful, including Europe, North America, Asia, South America, Russia, French, and German.


League of Angels 2: The Things to Like

Of course, there are some good things you can expect from the game, such as:

  • The fun and engaging story with epic results
  • The free of charge setting
  • The fast gaming operation – takes around 3 minutes (even less!) to start the game
  • Beautiful character with excellent graphics
  • Big player base with a lot of options for social interactions


League of Angels 2 Game Play

Basically, the LoA is the game where you control your heroes as they fight against enemies (namely monsters), collect diamond and gold and other resources, and save the angels – the pretty usual stuff. This kind of game has the pretty standard formula where you battle the evil and come back victorious. The basic principle was still incorporated in League of Angels 2.

The unique factor is the existence of Angels, beside the Hero, who can provide a combat support. They can be strong allies – not to mention that different angels have different abilities and capabilities as well.

Despite the success in the gaming world, this game is pretty controversial. It is often advertised in porn websites and it is often involved in ads plagiarism – not representing the game or the content itself. But if it doesn’t bother you, the League of Angels 2 can be quite a worthy game to try.


Township Review, Things You Need To Know About the Game

You need to read this Township review before playing the game so you will not waste your time for playing. Township is quite different with other city building games that spread widely on Facebook. In township, the users also need to pay attention to the economic factors in their cities like farming, trade, and industry. You need to interact with other players in order to make your town grows and prosper. So, this game may not so popular for those who prefer playing solo.

When you play the game for the first time, you will get a starter town and a few of land to grow crops. In this stage, you can only plant wheat but after that, you can plant other crops like sugar cane and cotton. Your town will grow and then you have to build other buildings and plant more crops to feed the population. The development of the city is not only related to the resources but also the happiness of the citizen. The citizen happiness can be maintained by developing certain building. Read another Township review to know how to build building faster with or without Township hack.

In this game, there are some resources that can be gained only by yourself. Every player has an ability to build certain factory which produces certain item. Making certain types of building needs the specific types of resources, for example concrete slabs or girders. To get them, you need to trade with friends or buy them with real money. So, having many friends in this game is very beneficial. If you do not have friends, you will need to spend a lot of money to buy the resources you cannot produce. After reading this Township review, you can start collecting your friend to play Township together.

This game offers a solid gameplay, advanced characters, great quests, and amazing visuals. The visual is still 2D but it is well crafted so it does not look like a boring game or an old-fashioned game. Playing township with your friends is very fun so when you see your friend share their game on Facebook, it is better for you to join them and feel the excitement too.

However, the waiting game can be so boring. The need for buying certain material using real money is one of the main reasons why players stop playing this game. It is now your turns to decide whether you will play this game or not after reading this Township review.

Getting Free Robux by Roblox Hack

Nowadays, the online games are in turn. One of the famous online games is Roblox, a game allowing the players to design their virtual character and world. In playing this game, you are required to have Robux as the main currency to buy any stuff. Taking benefit of Roblox hack will make you have the abundant of Robux. So, you can buy anything you want in the game.

Actually, to obtain the Robux, you have to buy by real money or by completing some stages in the game that take time in normally. It may make you bored. However, you can choose the alternate of obtaining much robux by using Roblox Hack. It is the tool that helps you to get the robux freely. If you think about how to find its hack tool, be calmed as it is so easy to find on the internet. Since its hack tool is website-based, you are freely to visit one of some websites of robux generator.  All you need is device whether PC or mobile phone with iOS and Android. Then, ensure the network is available.

As you type the Roblox Hack in your favorite search engine, you can see some websites providing the service of getting robux freely. Mostly, the feature of each hack tool remains the same. First, you have to verify the identification. There, you are required to enter the username or your Roblox account. It means that you have already installed the Roblox game itself.

Then, you need to select the amount of Robux, ticket, and builders club. Next, you should press the button of continue. Finally, you need to check your account. The amount of robux and ticket (tix) as you entered before will automatically be in your account. Fortunately, this hack tool or robux generator tool mostly is 100% free and easy to use without having to download the app and to complete any of surveys. Also, the anti-banned protection having by the robux generator keeps your device still safe. You are not required to jailbreak your device especially if it is phone.

So far, even you can get robux freely, keep in mind that you do not use the generator robux tool as many as you want in a day. Don’t use over than twice in a day if you won’t to be caught up by the main game’s developer. Be wise in using Roblox Hack even it is easy to use.

The Best Android Games 2016


Android games are getting better and bigger every month and there are always a couple of new titles that are coming to Google Play. For those of you are casual gamer or for those of you who just want to get more challenging games, there are a lot of Android games coming out according to your preference and taste. This post will give a couple of Android games that you can choose from.

Asphalt Xtreme

Asphalt Xtreme is the brand new game in the franchise of Asphalt. This game is different from other where you have to drive your cars over tracks. This game will make you drive off-road cars over a couple of off-road courses. You have to unlock about three dozen cars and you can play by using those unlock cars. This game also comes with lengthy campaign mode which includes a couple of challenges in order to help things smooth. You can also play multiplayer mode for those of you who want to play that mode. There are a couple of decent mechanics that are offered by this good looking game.

Astral Frontier

Astral Frontier is the brand new game which is released by Kemco. Kemco is developer which is known for its mobile RPG titles. You will explore a couple of places, trying to save the world, and fighting a lot of bad guys. This game also comes with elemental stone machines in order to help you win this game smoothly. You have to consider that this game also comes with a lot of dialog and a little dry. Meanwhile, this is one of the Android games that bring you fun experience for those of you who love retro atmosphere.

Batman: The Telltale Series

This is an episodic adventure game which follows Batman via a new story line which will bring you violent and gritty that you cannot find anywhere else. You will also know a couple of characters from the Batman universe. Meanwhile, Telltale is popular because it comes with high quality game play so there are a couple of problems that can be solved.

Eisenhom Xenos

Eisenhorn: Xenos is RPG game which takes place in the Warhammer 40,000 universe. The main character of this game that you play is Gregor Eisenhorn. He is an inquisitor which has a couple of stiff that has to be done. You will face a lot of bad guys with a lot of powers that you have to fight them.

Simcity Buildit Cheat for Unlimited Simoleons

Are you recently playing Simcity Buildit? Well, you have found one of the most happening games since 2016. The game which was launched by EA Mobile has now been being played by millions of people around the world. And just like any other games, Simcity Buildit cheat is available for you to make more progress. The cheat basically helps you to move and develop your city faster in a way that you cannot imagine before. The tools are usually in the forms of an app to make it easier for you to use it. Don’t worry because this cheap app is available for free so you don’t have to pay for anything. Just download, install and make use of the app.


Simcity Buildit Cheat Downloading and Installing

Are you ready to play Simcity in a way you have never imagined before with Simcity Buildit cheat? Follow these steps.

First, you have to download the iFun Box on your PC. This application will allow you to access the hacked Simcity cheat files from your PC. This app is available for both Windows based PC and Macintosh. Once you have done downloading, you should see zip file on your PC. Now you need to unzip it and save it on your PC.

Then, you should continue by installing all the Simcity Buildit cheat files in the zip file. To do this, you have to open Simcity Buildit and continue by closing it out in app switcher. Follow by plugging your iPad or iPhone to your PC. After the device is connected to the PC, follow by opening the iFunBox and choose User Applications on the menu. Continue by searching through the icons and stop until you find Simcity Buildit game icon. The next thing to do is to double-click on the icon and you will see documents and library folder in it. Then, drag all the folders that you have unzipped before and drop it into iFunBox documents folder.

Well done! You are now having the Simcity Buildit cheat installed in your device. Now, open the game and you shall have tons of diamonds. These diamonds are what you need to build your city faster, bigger and much better than other cities. All these diamonds are available for free so you don’t have to pay even a single cent for any of it. You can also utilize Simcity Buildit hack tool for this purpose. How does it sound? It sounds great, right? Now, play this game for hours and never even have to worry about running out of diamonds.

How to Fasten Android Performance in Simple Ways


Many of you might have to deal with the slow Android system because of many reasons. Despite of the reasons that you have, you might want to learn how to fasten android performance. If you want to do that, then you might want to simply try some of these simple ways that will be able to make your Android device runs faster and smoother for many of your needs. Here are some of those simple ways that you can try.

The first one is cleaning up the home screen of your device. Many people are putting a lot of different shortcuts on their home screen. Even though this kind of thing will ease you with many things, this will also slow your Android performance. Therefore, you might want to simply use the most minimalist display for your home screen. The next way of how to fasten android performance is to uninstall the applications that you are not using at the time. There might be some applications that you are not using on your smartphone and those applications are the ones that you need to delete or uninstall. As an addition to that, if you have the access to the root folder, you might need to delete manually the rest of the data related with the applications that you have just uninstalled.

The next thing that you can simply try if you want to learn how to fasten android performance is by turning of the animations that you have in your smartphone. Some of you might love to see the rolling or even the dimming icons when you slide your smartphone. Unfortunately, this is something that might slow the performance of your smartphone down. That means, it will be better for you to leave that animation alone and stop using one.

The last thing that you can try to make your Android runs faster is by clearing up the cache of the applications data that you used to have. This is something that you can easily do from the setting of your smartphone. From there, you just need to search for the applications and find the Clear Cache options. After you try that way of how to fasten android performance, you will notice that your Android will run faster. There is one thing that you need to remember, the more cache that you clear, and the faster performance that you will get for your Android.

Be Rich with Pixel Gun 3D Hack No Survey for Unlimited Coins and Items


If you are a fan of Pixel Gun 3D and currently looking for a Pixel Gun 3D hack no survey, then you have came to the perfect place. Have you ever dreamed to buy any in-app products or having a huge sum of coins in the game? Of course, having unlimited in-app money in Pixel Gun 3D will boost your gaming experience. Get a huge amount of gold and coins by using the Pixel Gun 3D hack no survey. No jailbreak or root is needed to use the tool. You can double the fun by sharing these tips to your friends if you do not mind. Check out the information below.

Pixel Gun 3D Hack No Survey Features

By using this trick, you will be able to generate gold coins and buy all of the products. You can buy anything that you want in the game for free. It works for both iOS and Android gadgets, so you do not need to worry if you want to use it in different devices. It works perfectly in iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android phones, and any Android Tabs. Moreover, you do not need to download other software in order to make the hack and cheat works. Another great thing is, no jailbreak required as it works on both jailbroken and non-jailbroken gadgets. There is no limit in using the trick. Play it anywhere you like and access the Pixel Gun 3D hack no survey features wherever you want.

How to use the tool

It is really easy to use the hacking tools—simply download the cheat to your computer. You do not need to write any code since all you need to have is the cheat. After downloading the cheat, connect your phone via USB cable. After that, click ‘Detect Device’ on the tool. Now you can insert gold, silver, and you can also select any other features that you wish to add to your game. Lastly, click the ‘Generate’ button. After clicking the ‘Generate’ button, you have to wait for approximately 3-5 minutes to let the tools to do all the heavy work.

By following the easy steps above, you will be able to enjoy the Pixel Gun 3D without worrying about the coins. Purchase any items that you want for free with no restriction. Thanks to the Pixel Gun 3D hack no survey, having loads of coins in the game is not impossible. Have fun playing Pixel Gun 3D!

2016 Best Technology Advancements



Every year, technology comes with a lot of technology advancements which will change the future. A couple of those advancements are not being viable and a couple of them may even never come to reality but the fact is that every day is another opportunity for the world to tackle a couple of problems. As for this year, a couple of technology advancements happened in a couple of fields. From a new blood test which will help you to detect cancer to holographic computers. Technology has an effect in order to change society and also comes to solve a couple of problems. It is not easy to make a list of the best technology advancements for a year.

Computer on a Stick

Portable computers are one of the technology advancements that many people know. Smart phones, tablets, and laptops get more powerful and more capable in order to handle daily computing needs every year. Two important items of hardware which has been launched in 2015 took the whole computer hardware and it has been squeezed into a device which is larger than a lipstick tube. Compute Stick of Intel and the Chromebit of Asus both turn screen which has been enabled by HDMI into a computer. Both of those devices do not offer specs, but they are great weapons in order to run small business, education and much more.

Sense-Pressure Smart Phone Screens

Apple comes with innovation for the last couple of year for not offering any groundbreaking technology. This huge company has been known for its whole history as a pioneer for the future of technology for consumer. As for this year, Cupertino revealed a great technology which is maybe the biggest invention that has been revealed this year. iPhone comes with sensor screen which lets the device to know force as well as the usual multi touch gestures. The name of this innovation is 3D Touch which is a hilarious name for a brilliant idea. The Peek and Pop which can be interacted are just the starting of a slew of new methods in order to connect with a smart phone, and it is not easy to think of the rest of industry not working clearly to add the same feature in their next invention.

These are a couple of best technology advancements that have been revealed in the 21st century. Some of them may not be recognized by a lot of people out there.

How To Get Pokemon Go Hack No Root

Pokemon GO

At this tutorial, you will know how to get Pokemon Go hack no root. Pokemon Go is one of the unique games which have been gained its popularity nowadays and many people love playing this game. Actually, at this post will give you a tutorial about Pokemon Go hack no root. Without further ado, let’s check out a couple of ways that you have to do in order to get Pokemon Go hack no root.

Steps by Steps

First of all you have to go to settings. And then it is the time for you to go to security. You have to make sure that you have checked the unknown sources.

After that, in order to make it happens you must have the Pokemon Go application first. After that you have to install Fly GPS application. You have to install both of those applications. And then, after those applications have been installed, you have to go to Settings and then about device. Once you get there you have to go to Software info and then the number should be built. It has to be tapped until the developer’s selections are enabled. After that you have to go back to about device.

Now, you have to go to the developer options. On those options you have to enable the locations of mock. You have to make sure that you enable Fly GPS which is located under the mock locations. It is important for you to make sure that the Pokemon Go is not running. After that you have to go to the Fly GPS. Once you get there you have to pick a location that you can find on the map. You have to tap it in order to set a location. And then you have to tap it again and you have to make sure that you pick Pokemon. Next step is that you have to launch Pokemon Go and a different location and also joystick will be gottent.

This Pokemon Go hack no root will make you easier in order to play this unique game. It is fun to play this game without cheat or hack, but it is also more exciting if you do not have to go out in order to fin the Pokemon that you are looking for. You can use this Pokemon Go hack no root and you can get a lot of more Pokemon.


Sherlock Holmes: The Devil’s Daughter Let Us Reviews

Sherlock Holmes The Devil’s Daughter


There is no doubting anymore with Sherlock Holmes: The Devil’s Daughter as the adaptation from the most-known detective in the world. This game is developed by Frogwares from Ukraine and this is the ninth series of Sherlock Holmes games so far. For your information, this game has those series since fifteen years ago until now. We do not talk about the other series. Let us focus on the newest and latest series, The Devil’s Daughter which was released for PC gamers only. This review will be divided into three parts: gameplay, graphics and stories. Please make sure you have full read before commenting in our post.

Sherlock Holmes Stories

Let us face to the first part of this Sherlock Holmes: The Devil’s Daughter reviews. If you are familiar with Baker Street, you might get some improvements for this place. In the game, you will see the redesigned version of Sherlock Holmes as the main character and his trustful friend, Dr. Watson. If you have ever heard so much the voice of previous series, there is big improvement on the voice. Here, you can take a look onto Victorian London and its magical streets. This game is firstly introduced with the merchant passing the streets and complaining about something.


As usual Sherlock Holmes games, you have to solve some mysteries in this Sherlock Holmes: The Devil’s Daughter and this is the original gameplay for this game for sure. It is nearly Assassin’s Creed game after all. You have to solve the mystery by linking the clues from one into another to continue the game. You sometimes go to the forest by running. Please watch out to your stamina then. Sneaking to some guards and being stealth are synergy in this game. After all, this game is quite boring with only a few activities that the player can do. Moreover, the player movement is really bad overall. But, finding clues and solving cases are enjoying you in the end.


Because of its full beauties, this game sometimes gets drop-frame rate. It means that you got some lags if you are running it on low-spec PC. Overall, the graphic is really amazing. Thanks to the all-new games for PC by the way. However, all beauties are gone when you have to wait the long loading times. It decreases the amount of this game, right? Last but not least, this latest Sherlock’s game is the best than other predecessors. With generous cases and unique mysteries within it, all technical issues will be understandable and we will play Sherlock Holmes: The Devil’s Daughter once again.

6 Boom Beach Cheat 2016 You Must Try

Boom Beach cheat 2016 has all the information and the tricks for the millions or the billions players of Boom Beach. As the higher level gives more challenge and harder steps to achieve, the people are sometimes bored and also loss the interest in finishing the game as best as they could. It is because they have no more money left, out of gems, and also minus coins. Then how could they upgrade the building that takes days for it to finish? How could they improve the defense of their game? How could you find this game interesting when you have no precious things to be the role of the game?


Boom Beach cheat 2016


Find These 6 Boom Beach cheat

Using Boom Beach cheat 2016 with http://generateurboombeach.com/ may be said as the tricky tips because there are not all of people who know about it before. Have you noticed about how you can have more woods related to the trees you have in your surroundings? Apparently, you can do something instead of buying everything through the premium offer. You need to know that earning money is not that simple even when you have many materials to complete so that you can upgrade all the buildings you have. These kinds of materials are very essential and important to use because without these things, people will have difficulties in having all of them well-upgraded.

There are 6 Boom Beach cheat 2016 which might have been missed by the people as the Boom Beach’s players. For example, when you are busily and currently doing an upgrade either the headquarter or your towers, you can apparently attack the other’s. Although you think that doing two orders at the same time can distract the main priority that you have, truthfully you can do it for better purposes. You can attack other’s and you can improve your troops. You can even wait patiently about the upgrading progress.

In similar Supercell products like Hay Day, there would be a column of achievement where you will get some stars or gold which can be claimed whenever you have finished doing all tasks. The players might not realize that there are some kinds of tips and tricks which can prevent them from buying everything online. You can save more money on useful things. Sometimes struggling for something gives you the result beyond expectation. Thanks to those benefits given by those 6 Boom Beach cheat 2016.

Horizon Zero Dawn First Impression And Review

Horizon Zero Dawn


Horizon Zero Dawn is a role-playing action video game published by Sony Interactive Entertainment and developed by Guerrilla Games available for the PlayStation 4. The game’s back story is about post-apocalypse event similar to Walking Dead and The Last of Us, and we have heard the story of ultimate retribution a thousand times. However, the apocalypse told by the game has different approach.

Horizon Zero Dawn Gameplay

Horizon Zero Dawn offers beauty of the abandoned world. This stunning sand box action RPG runs at 30fps in full 1080p HD on a new version of the latest Killzone series engine. The landscape is drawn in bold colors without losing the details on the character outfit and piece of hair. There are pops of tones and colors of detailing on the dominating robotic grazers.

Horizon Zero Dawn Combat

You first mission is to get the green vials of Blaze on top of the backs of the robots. The Horizons main resource is Blaze that comes from the grazers produced in the containers carried on their back made by eating on the world’s vegetations. There is a mix of action and role playing game in the Horizon Zero Dawn with addition of stealth. You are harvesting of these robotic animals that may attack you in the process. You can use a bow with three type of arrows, explosive, electrical, and armor piercing and each has its own benefits against different enemies.

Horizon Zero Dawn Story

The world in the story of Horizon Zero Dawn is centuries after the apocalypse. The Earth gradually reclaims the cities that are abandoned after a long time. There are still humans living spread around the world now grouped in Tribes. Now robotic dinosaurs dominate Earth and humans have to stay survive. Machine and man are not well together so humans have to live dangerously on the land.

The protagonist is a girl named Aloy that has the abilities equal to Lara Croft in Tomb Raider series. There are unique characteristics and attributes for Tribes in the game. Aloy is part of the machine hunter tribe that is equal to a Stone Age level group as it has a low level of technology familiarity. You can build and create items from the materials gathered so you as the monster hunters play a very vital role. The game starts showing Aloy watching the area with some beast robots swarming below the mountain. Ruins of skyscrapers are standing still in the far distant while mist running through the pine trees waiting to be explored and uncovered its mystery and trickery in the Horizon Zero Dawn.

Clash Royale Hack Tool: How the Hack Tool Works

Clash Royale Hack Tool

Clash Royale hack tool is a handful hack tool which can be used for performing better way of playing the card battle game of Clash Royale. You as the players do not have to be thoughtful about the way you are going to hack its system. This hack tool has been simplified even for the beginners to use it without having too many questions on their minds. Then, if you are a player of Clash Royale, it is the time for all of you to enjoy your time playing the game much better.

Clash Royale Hack Tool with Satisfying Result

Believe or not, all the users of Clash Royale that have been dealing with Clash Royale cheat trick find it very useful and also beneficial. They do not only get the satisfying result but also they get lots of features that they can gain for months just for free! They cut the corner of getting new level above your current level only be a few clicks rather than choosing the normal game that spends weeks to get more points and get higher rank.

Clash Royale hack tool can be either useful or useless based on the people who are going to use it. Unless they are able to run the program and follow all the rules give, they will think of this hack tool as useless. If you think that a game should be something entertaining and fun, and you do not care too much about your game account, it seems okay and just fine to try using the hack tool once. Besides, you will get more experience in dealing with the hack cheat for the Clash Royale.

Clash Royale hack tool can work with all types of mobile devices but not for the iPhone, unless you have jailbreak your iPhone to be able to use the cheat. However, for the sake of the safety, it seems much okay to download it on your desktop. At least when there are some problems occurred, your mobile device is still safe without any viruses or else.

Gems, coins, new cards from the rare class or the common cards can be gotten, new arena, and new chests are just some examples of the bonuses after using the hack trick. Whether you are a beginner or an expert in the field of this hacking tool, you can use it without paying a single penny. The better way of playing can only be obtained by using the Clash Royale hack tool.

Tips to Get Subway Surfers Hack Money Glitch Tools

Using Subway Surfers hack money glitch will make you have unlimited coins in this game. The coins can be used to unlock many items that will be very helpful for you to win the game. Will it be more fun to play the game using a hack tool? It depends on you. There are some users who believe that using any hack tools to win a game will make the game not interesting anymore. You will not get challenged when playing the game. It becomes too easy because anything you do in the game will lead you into the victory without any efforts.


SubwaySurfers Games


Some other users decide to use the hack tool because they get frustrated to win the game. It will be a shortcut for them to win the game instantly. Then, how to get the Subway Surfers hack money glitch? The easiest way to get the hack tool for Subway Surfers is by searching in the internet. You can try simple open Google, then type the keyword for the Subway Surfers hack tool. Many websites will appear that contain the hack tool that you are looking for. Go to the trusted websites because their download link and the hack tool usually the working one. Avoid to visit any blogs that contains many ads. You may be ended getting nothing from the blog. The worse, you may download the wrong hack tool that can be harmful for your device or you just finished in completing some surveys.

If you are unable to get the Subway Surfers hack money glitch tool from the websites, you can try to visit some online forums. Choose the famous forums that have many members and have good reputation. Surely there will be a discussion about certain hack tools for Subway Surfers and there will be also the download link for you. You can also ask questions if you find any difficulties using the hack tools or if you find any difficulties in playing the game. Forums will be much helpful for you.

You can also ask your friends who have already used the hack tool. Ask them to give the copy of the hack tool. It will be safer and save much of your time. You will get the working hack tool in a short of time. And finally, you will be able to play the Subway Surfers using Subway Surfers hack money glitch that will make the game becoming much easier than before.

Building Up Steam in SteamWorld Heist Game

SteamWorld Heist

SteamWorld Heist game was finally released on December 10th, 2015. It’s a Nintendo 3DS game, the successor of SteamWorld Dig that released in 2013. The game itself take the setting in a steampunk world where the steam driven robots inhabit the remains struggle to survive after the Earth exploded. The main character is Captain Piper Faraday that lead a group of smugglers. They will face an evil faction of herself that causing many trouble for her and her crew.

SteamWorld Heist is not the expansion of the previous game, SteamWorld Dig. SteamWorld Heist game offers something new, the tense of turn based combat from a 2D perspective. This game uses new approach through the mechanics and complex and the system that allow you to experience excel. But, you may feel that this game is lack of story and repetitive mission. Just like the game title itself, the story of this game goes ‘Heist’. There are many dialogue in the missions and you should pay attention on those dialogue to help you to point out the universe of the game. But, the information about the characters during the dialogue is still lack and there are no changes for the stake. There are too many expositions that are used to inform you about the important details and the plot of the game.

When you join into a battle, you will feel that the character is not attached with you. You will fill a little bit strange when joining a battle in SteamWorld Heist game. The strong point from this game is its side-scrolling and the strategic turn-based gameplay. Unlike many modern games that use 3D perspective, this game still uses 2D perspective. You should command Captain Faraday and her members to finish the mission in every different maps. It can be said that this game has standard gameplay. During your turn, you will be able to move your characters to cover, attack, or use any special abilities. The enemy will also get its turn to retaliate, and the process is repeated till one of you win.

When you win in a mission, you will unlock special weapons that will also increase your overall strength. You also get experience and net money and items that can be used in the next mission. The enemy in SteamWorld Heist game come in a variety types that has unique attacks and behaviours. So, you should use different tactics to win each mission and face different enemies.

Hay Day Astuce Gives Unlimited Coins and Diamonds for Free!

Hay day

Becoming a farmer who likes to take care of the crops and the animals can make al of the users who play this game become addicted. They are willing to do anything to be the best. One of the ways could be by finding the hay day astuce. No, it is not as same as the trick of doing those magic shows. This hack trick for hay day will make you able to generate more than 1000 coins and even more than 99999 diamonds without spending a single penny at all.

The usage of those coins might not as important as having tons of diamonds. Hay day astuce that gives 999999 diamonds for free will give lots of benefits to the users. They will be able to fasten the installation of their machines, fasten their growing crops, buy the decorative stuffs, and much. Whatever the thing you have wanted to have so badly will be easily provided in your farm by using unlimited diamonds.

How can someone use the hay day astuce so that is becomes useable and applicable for their gadget? The answer is very easy. First, you need to fill the username that is directly connected to your Facebook account. It will enable them to send the coins and also diamonds right through your account for hay day. After the username is properly filled, you can fill how many diamonds and coins you would like to add for your account. The choice is 100 thousands to 999999 coins and it happens the same way for the diamonds. Next, you need to do some offers like filling in a survey which requires less than 5 minutes to go.

For some people could be the best answer for them who are looking for more coins without spending more time to sell crops, sell things at the road side shop, and so on. The system of using this hack trick is not as same as having your gadget got jailbreak or any viruses. You do not need to worry a lot about that because this kind of hack trick does not work together with viruses.

However, there are also a few things about that you need to reconsider before doing that. Indeed, everything has its good and bad as a complete package. There have been hundreds or even thousands of people who have successfully gotten their coins and diamonds but you are unable to do it by yourself. You need to do some surveys with rapid clicks and this is going to attract more viruses to come to your gadget.


Star Wars Battlefront preview video is uploaded by EA Brazil

Star Wars Battlefront

Good news for all Star Wars Battlefront players who are waiting for the new downloadable content updates or simply called DLC in the early of 2016. EA Brazil has posted a video which is related with the new DLC for this game recently. The video consists of a new map set which called Tatooine and some fresh outfits for two special characters, Luke and Leia. Although this update is not as big as we thought before, but it will make us as the players of this game satisfied. We know that a new map is better even though the current maps are very good. It will make our expectation from the movie and the game connected properly.

For you who doubt this Star Wars Battlefront DLC will spend your money, you are wrong because this DLC is definitely free for everyone. It is confirmed by WCCFTech which translated the language from the video. The DLC is totally free and it is not a part of Season Pass users obviously. In other words, everyone who plays this game is able to catch up the downloadable content without wasting their money. It is such good news for us in the screwing up era of DLC’s game nowadays where the developer forces their players to buy the DLC content in fantastic costs. Meanwhile, their customers are kids or children who still ask their money with their parents.

Sadly, there is no confirmation from other EA region except EA Brazil yet for this Star Wars Battlefront DLC. For your information, there are many EA regions in this world, but it is still EA Brazil who has already uploaded the videos in the viral world. Meanwhile, the publisher claims that there will be four expansions which are ready for Battlefront. Then, this is the first debut of those expansions especially for 2016. In other words, they have ready made a list about what will expand this game so far.

Other sad news, DICE the developer of this game has no plan or agenda to apply the Star Wars: The Force Awakens movie on their Battlefront expansions. It means that there is no connection between the game and the movie after all. This is very unfortunate because many Star Wars fans want to see at least a few correlations between the movie and Battlefront. Whether it has still no plan or they do not want to relate, we do not know yet. Get back into the end of 2015, EA has officially launched Star Wars Battlefront in a massive number than previous Star Wars game series ever.


8 Ball Pool Hack No Download with unlimited resources and safe

8 ball pool hack no download


This 8 Ball Pool hack no download is very useful and cool for you who are playing this game every day. This beneficial hack will provide you unlimited currency or resource of this game. With this unlimited feature, your resource won’t be ruined and the points are safe in the current number. Moreover, your account will have many resources and defeat other players easily. Regardless to your platforms, our hack works perfectly with any platform such as Android, iOs and Windows. As long as you can play 8 Ball Pool game on your phone, we are sure you can use our hack tool.

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Please follow these 8 Ball Pool hack no download instructions carefully: Firstly, open the page of ours which is shown the hack online boxes. Then, go to the first box which requires your Username or email account. You can use Facebook username if necessary. Click ok button and you will see Resources which are able to be filled with unlimited numbers. In this phase, you can fill the blank boxes with the numbers that you want. We suggest you to place a rational number instead of random number because the server won’t get your account easily. Consequently, you can use our hack online once again if you think the first hack is not satisfied.

Then, simply click the hack button. Our tool will process the hack for a moment. What you need to do is only waiting the process finished. If there pop out a notification of human verification, it is okay. Just follow the picture and fill the blank box with the code. This is natural for a busy website like ours to verify you that you are not a robot which abuses this precious hack. In the end, you can open the game through your phone and play with the desired numbers of resources before. Once again do not fill too much number in this 8 Ball Pool hack no download to make your account safe.

One Piece Burning Blood will add women characters as complained before

One Piece Burning Blood

The One Piece Burning Blood is not yet released by one of biggest game developers in the world, Bandai Namco. There is big news for this game since it announced for the first time by Bandai. Yeah, this game will have more characters rather than its first announcement before. For your information, many fans or lovers of One Piece complained about less-women characters in this game. To answer this complain, Bandai via Jump magazine releases an announcement that women characters such as Boa Hancock, Nico Robin, Perona and Nami will be involved in this game. In other words, the Burning Blood will get many characters than before.

Not only the introductory, Bandai also explains those One Piece Burning Blood women characters too in their announcement. For example, Nami will fight with her ability to use thunder with some traps. Then, Robin will use her Hana-Hana devil fruit to lock up her enemies. Moreover, Hancock who is well-known with her haki will also make this game more attractive. Last but not least, Perona has the same ability on the manga and anime versions of One Piece. In addition, her deadly Hollow attack is more shown up in this game. Overall, the skills and abilities of those women characters are similar with what we know before on anime and manga version.

On the gameplay of One Piece Burning Blood, the players will play action RPG by using some characters of One Piece universe. You will have a team consisting of three main characters which have chosen before the game. Furthermore, you have to use some strategies to get the best formation of your characters. If you are familiar with One Piece game, you will know how to use Logia users who cannot be attacked by physical damage. The name of this ability is called as Logia Guard. If your enemies have haki power, this ability won’t effective because it is the weakness of Logia users.

This game will be released on April 21 2016 later. Bandai Namco will satisfy PlayStation 4, PS Vita and Xbox One players to play this game. However, the first release will only on Japan. Western release will be conducted two or three months later including PC versions. Thus, let us wait this game for several months remaining because it will be very addictive for One Piece lovers. The One Piece Burning Blood is the newest One Piece game after the release of previous series for PC.

Xbox One Cloud Tech will be available for all platforms


One of the future projects of Microsoft, Xbox One Cloud Tech, is now clearly available for all platforms. In other words, PlayStation 4 exclusive as the biggest competitor of them will be the one of those platforms. It means that Microsoft does not forbid other developers to use this Azure cloud technology later. Phil Spencer, Xbox’s boss, has confirmed this announcement this week. He answered one of the Titanfall 2 who asking him about this game availability on the Azure Cloud. He claims that Azure services are able for any game and platform which exclusively different with Xbox one platform.

About this Xbox One Cloud Tech availability, Spencer did not provide any details for the platforms which able to us the services. He added that he cannot become specific for the third party games for some reasons. However, his answer infers that PS4 exclusive is included for any platform. Moreover, he stated that they do not want to restrict any exclusive platform to use Azure services. If this is true, of course it becomes good news not only for Titanfall 2 lovers but also all of gamers in the world. For your information, using this cloud service will bring many benefits for this game.

Respawn as the developer of Titanfall said that the use of Xbox Once Cloud tech will make some benefits especially for increasing the details of graphics because it will release more power for in game AI of Titanfall. Actually, the original Titanfall was claimed that it will use cloud servers since the first release of this game last year. However, it does not happen until the Titanfall 2 will be released soon this year. It has yet confirmed whether using PS4 or PC. We are still waiting further announcement for this game and Xbox One Cloud Tech. Keep in touch with our latest post.